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Acquisition costs of an immovable property

Freshly of aquisition

All the grounds or the houses in Morocco do not possess certificates of property with numbers of land title. We recommend to our clientele to acquire only the titled possessions.

Rights for housing with custom(usage) of house and undeveloped sites with commitment to build

Houses and apartments with custom(usage) of house for duration 3-year-old superior, as well as undeveloped sites with commitment to build within 7 years.

( % to apply to the value of the acquired good(property), included VAT)


- Registration fees: 2,5 %

- Land(basic) preservation: 1 % + 150 DH (certificate of property)

- Notarial tax: 0,5 %

- Fees of the solicitor: 1 %, with perception minimum of 2500 DH + T.V.A in 7 %

- In the case of purchase of a ground, an update of the constructions in the preservation

Land(Basic) is necessary: 0,5 % of the valuation of the planned constructions +

75 DH


Freshly to add in case of the not titled possessions:


- Freshly diverse (stamps): 1500 to approximately 3 000 DH according to files.

- Rights of publication + right(straight) basic salaries + duplicate: 600 DH

- Superficiaires rights: 45 DH by are begun(affected) in urban zone; 45