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This service is reserved to the owners who would wish to entrust their real goods in management.

- Our service deals with: To seek a tenant with references thanks to our Service Hiring To write acts, to legalize them and record To regularly box the amount of the rents by cheque, transfer or our collectors by providing a rent receipt.
To box a guarantee equalizes to 1 or 2 months of rents refundable in fine D of occupation To establish a state of places of entry and exit of the good To regulate all the taxes and renewal fees To on the spot manage the real estate with the assistance if possible of a caretaker and of course to deal with all the maintenance costs related with this good To send by registered letter an injunction for the failing tenants to discharge unpaid rents.
To entrust the business enters the hands of our lawyers in the event of nonpayment at the end of 3 months.
To calculate, in connection with the law, increase in rent every 3 years You to provide a statement of the cashings either monthly magazine or quarterly To make manage its good makes it possible to the owners to obtain a safety on the hirings, to have a follow-up of the tenants and finally not to worry about the payment and possible taxes and taxes due.
It is a time-saver and a peace for the owners residing at Morocco and a satisfactory help for the owners resident abroad.
Fees: The rate of commission is fixed compared to the annual income of the good and of its importance.