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All the real goods of all natures which they are, are recorded in our wallet to be presented to the applicant.

Several categories of real goods are thus classified: Grounds in zone villas, buildings, Balneal, economic or different allotments, industries, deposits, buildings.
Villas Apartments Offices, buildings, deposits Stores Investment properties or vacuums Cottages The values of these goods depend on several parameters that only a study carried out by an Expert can determine with his right value.
The salesman must provide all the elements in his possession (land Title, certificate of property) if not the missing parts can be required near the services concerned: Commune - Prefecture - Land Conservation - Urban Agency Fees: The percentage of or the purchase selling commission of an Estate Agency is not fixed legally at Morocco.
The habit, which was established since several tens of years, wants as this one is of rising of 2,5% HT as well on the side salesman as on the side purchaser.
But this one can vary according to the importance of the transaction.
Our Agency reduces considerably the percentage of the commission according to the importance of the amount of the real estate and that as well on the side salesman as on the side purchaser.
An amount of the percentage is specified dice the setting on sale good on the side salesman or as of the presentation of the good on the side purchaser by a mandate of exclusiveness of which the duration is fixed between the parts.